Meet our squad

We may feed lane and miss open nets, but damnit, we sure do play games together.

  • Zachy (Apallo)

    Strengths: Coding, $$$

    Weaknesses: Height, open nets

  • JJ (SlothySloth)

    Strengths: Baking, 🍑

    Weaknesses: Among Us, knowing left from right, Zachy

  • Christian (Dark Vestige)

    Strengths: Speaking, managing shit

    Weaknesses: Most video games, height

  • Hayden (DirtyAbandoned)

    Strengths: Racing, baiting bans

    Weaknesses: Internet during summer, height

  • Kayley (DankestKale)

    Strengths: Ariana choreography, nursing skool, selling jewelry

    Weaknesses: Hayden, Bentley, Family Feud, alcohol, needs too much sleep

  • Benpai (SubLemonal)

    Strengths: Height, sick beats

    Weaknesses: Young anime girls, Fuzzy's

  • Evan (Elfangar)

    Strengths: Tilt-proof, cooking

    Weaknesses: Getting water

  • Jayden (Spectral Lich)

    Strengths: Carrying our heavy asses

    Weaknesses: Gummies, 🚬

  • Mason (PickledTacoTray)

    Strengths: Team player, loves animals

    Weaknesses: Ohhhhhh, plays stardew without Zach :(

  • Jesse (Mattikk)

    Strengths: Thresh and 🎵

    Weaknesses: Sunlight, young anime girls